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What are the best supplements for CrossFit, you ask? Well, we’ve done a ton of research online and offline, as well as plenty of personal trials, in order to come up with the answer for you! The information on this page is for crossfitters wanting to know more about supplementation. We feel you will get maximum results from your workouts by supplementing with these particular products before, during, and/or after your WOD – along with a solid daily nutrition regimen. While they don’t have official Crossfit supplements there are plenty of them out there for athletes and bodybuilders that work incredibly well for crossfitters too!

CrossFit Supplementation

It’s impossible to say what exactly are the best crossfit supplements because everyone has their own preferences, tolerances, needs, etc… but generally speaking we have found the following supplements to be about as good as it gets for the vast majority of crossfit athletes.

We mainly get our top recommended products from A1 Supplements because of their incredible prices, awesome reputation, amazing deals, fast shipping, great selection, and superior customer service. However, they don’t always carry every product we recommend or have the best options available, so make sure you click each individual product link below to be sure you get exactly what you need!

* Pre-Workouts (Highly Recommended):

In my experience with CrossFit a good pre-workout supplement can work wonders. I’ve done the WODs pretty much every which way possible. That includes doing nothing at all before, having a good meal ahead of time, eating energy bars, drinking coffee for a caffeine boost, taking vitamins, and just about anything else I can think of to see what helps the most with getting me through the workouts at maximum effort.

However, by far, the best results have been with preworkout supplements. They sort of combine all the things I listed above individually to give a supercharged “beast mode” inducing workout. In my opinion they just can’t be topped for giving that extra energy, endurance, focus, strength, and drive needed to bust out a killer WOD at max levels of speed and power.

Below are some very popular options that we have narrowed down to our recommended top 3 best pre-workout supplements for people who do CrossFit. The first one is my personal favorite right now, and is one of the best pre-workout supplements I’ve ever taken, but all are good in their own ways and used by all sorts of athletes, bodybuilders, and elite crossfitters:

1) Cellucor: C4C4 is consistently among the top preworkout supplements anywhere and has been for a long time. You can’t really go wrong with this one. I am always switching it up to test different products but C4 is one I have gone back to again and again simply because it works.

2) Beast Sports Nutrition: Beast ModeThis one is rising very quickly in the pre-workout market and seems to be especially popular among the CrossFit community. Their name alone makes them worth trying out. Obviously, we all want to go “Beast Mode” during our workouts!

3) VPX: NO ShotgunThis stuff is no joke! It really does unleash the fury within you. I’m testing it right now as my crossfit pre workout and it’s freaking incredible!

Taking any one of the above pre-workout supplements before your crossfit workouts should give you the extra energy, drive, strength, and focus needed to power through even the most insane WOD! You’ll be a straight up WODkilla!

* Protein Shakes – Post Workout / Recovery (Very Highly Recommended):

Protein powder shakes are undoubtedly one of the most popular supplements out there. These are typically considered a “post-workout supplement” for recovery but really you can (and should) use them anytime as they are regarded as one of the best dietary supplements of any kind for all sorts of different reasons.

You won’t find very many crossfitters, bodybuilders, or athletes in general who aren’t supplementing their diet with some sort of protein. It is very important for many reasons, which include recovery, achieving maximum gains, and keeping your overall performance at a high level. Whey protein tends to be most popular among weight lifters and crossfit athletes, so I will stick with those types for the purposes of these recommendations.

Here are some of the best protein powder supplements we have found for crossfitters:

1) Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard 100% WheyThis is one of the top selling & top rated protein products ever, and it is listed among the top protein supplements on just about every major fitness website. Yeah, it’s that good!

2) MusclePharm: Combat PowderOne of my personal favorites just behind the ON Gold Standard Whey!

3) BSN: Syntha-6One of the most popular and highly reviewed protein powder supps.

There are a ton of different whey protein powder supplements on the market but most of them are pure crap. If you go cheap on this you will be throwing away your money and getting no results! Get one of the high quality brands above if you actually want to reap any benefits from supplementing with protein for your crossfit training, recovery, or for any other reason.

* Intra-Workout Supplements:

These are designed for you to drink during your workout in order to help you stay hydrated, amplify muscle response, improve endurance, and increase your overall performance. They also help speed up recovery both during and after the workout. We have found them to work very well and consider them to be vital for our WOD’s now!

The best intra workout endurance supplements are great products for people who regularly train or compete in activities requiring stamina such as crossfit athletes, runners, bikers, triathletes, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, and many other sports. They are also a great option for professional, college and high school athletes competing in football, wrestling, soccer, basketball, track, cross country, and other sports or activities that demand endurance and proper hydration.

Here are 2 of the best intraworkout products that we have found on the market right now that are great for crossfit:

1) SciVation XtendI use this one during every workout and LOVE it! I truly think it’s amazing and can testify that it works very well. I see a sharp decline in performance every time I run out or forget to take it. My business partner says the same thing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

2) Size On Max PerformanceA hybrid intra-workout for those wishing to speed their recovery, build muscle mass, and increase performance.

Intra-Workout supplements are still relatively new in the world of sports and fitness, and therefore haven’t become quite as popular as the pre-workouts and post training proteins, so there aren’t as many solid options to choose from. However, I can assure you that they work wonders (at least they do for me) and are certainly worth trying out. The 3 listed above are among the best out there right now for sure. I definitely recommend drinking them during your CrossFit WODs — Especially the “Black Market Labs Intra-Workout” listed at #1 on our list above.

* Testosterone Boosters for CrossFit:

We know, it’s been a long wait, but our findings for the best natural crossfit testosterone booster are finally in, and this is it…

1) Pro TestosteroneInsane muscle building, fat burning, energy increasing supplement that will full on give you maximum results!

Other Supplements that are great for CrossFit and/or general health:

* Creatine – This is something that almost all serious athletes take in one form or another. Whether it’s for crossfit, bodybuilding, sports performance training, or any other type of exercise and fitness, there are many benefits to using creatine supplements. Creatine helps you lift more weight – both physically and mentally. Yep, that’s right, it not only helps with your body, it’s also great for your mind! In addition to its well-known benefits for working out, creatine has been shown to improve brain power as well.

Creatine supplements are undoubtedly among the most popular supps ever released to the world of weightlifting, crossfit, and sports in general. It clearly has a positive effect on muscular strength and recovery, and has also been shown to help endurance. All of those benefits are perfect for crossfitters!

* Beta-Alanine – Great for combating fatigue with an energy burst to help you power through your workouts and get better performance.

* Fish Oil (Omega-3) – If you aren’t taking fish oil, you are really doing yourself a disservice! Read up on it, buy it, and take it daily. The benefits are plentiful.

* Amino Acids – Aid in the muscle recovery process, speed up muscle repair, and limit muscle breakdown to help promote muscle growth.

* Vitamin D – Will give you increased power output, optimized testosterone levels, and immunity enhancement.

* Multivitamin – We’ve all been told since little kids to take our vitamins and there’s plenty of good reasons for that. You are all grown up now, so shut up and take them!

Of course, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of sleep are also essential for maximum effectiveness from crossfit or any other type of workout routine.

Supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet. So Make sure you are eating REAL food. This means grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, free-range chicken, organic or local fruits and vegetables, and plenty of good fats like avocados and coconut oil. Try sticking to “PALEO” as closely as you can, which is often referred to as the crossfit diet.

Most people rarely eat any of those things in their diet, so it does take some adjusting. But you will feel much better once your body gets rid of all the crap in the fast food and frozen dinners you have been eating!

You will be amazed at how much better you perform in every CrossFit WOD after you get your diet right and take good supplements. Now, get out there and become the Rx workout dominator! You might just find yourself competing at the CrossFit Games before you know it.


  1. I’ve been taking crossfit supplements since I started doing CrossFit professionally back in 2009 and I can say for a fact that they definitely help me. I use pre-workouts, intra workouts, and post workout recovery (protein) supps. They are a huge help in all aspects. There’s no way I would have ever qualified for the crossfit games and done so well without the extra boost I get from supplementation, and I take several of the products listed on this page. I’ll give my recommendation for sure. Thank you gladiators!

  2. Some crossfitters don’t like taking supplements but I swear by them, and so do most of my friends. I just feel they help so much with everything from getting yourself prepared for the daily WOD to helping you keep your energy & stamina during the workout to increasing strength to aiding in recovery afterward, and making sure you are ready to do it all over again the next day. To each their own, but I definitely think taking supplements for crossfit has helped me a ton!

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