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CrossFit athletes go through a variety of movements in each workout – lifting, running, jumping, squatting, rowing, pulling, climbing, and so much more – It’s constantly varied and VERY demanding on your feet, so having a pair of real crossfit shoes created for the intensity of CrossFit workouts will definitely help you get the most out of each WOD, while also staying comfortable and safe at the same time.

A lot of CrossFit shoes are also becoming very popular for general fitness and many types of other workout programs as well. This is because they are comfortable, durable, lightweight, and provide support and stability. Those are all things that are needed for just about every sport or fitness training program.

We have researched, reviewed and selected some of the best shoes for crossfit training and lifting to feature for you on this page so you will know where to buy official crossfit shoes and which ones to get. These options are recommended for both men and women. You will maximize your WOD’s with these shoes!

Reebok CrossFit Nano

Keep in mind that there are a lot of regular gym shoes and running shoes that work just fine for an average workout, but you aren’t doing what the “average” person does, are you? Instead of settling for any old workout, you are doing the ULTIMATE workout – You are a CrossFitter!

Therefore, you need the best shoes that will provide stability while lifting, comfort and cushion for running, support for jumping, and light weight for everything else, so you can get the most out of your WOD’s in all ways.

You have to take care of your feet if you want to ensure correct form and movement during your workouts and be able to continue crossfitting into the future. You already work your body hard enough every day at your CF box, so I am sure you don’t want to wrack your brain trying to choose the best shoe for your exercise needs on top of it.

That’s why we have taken the guess work out of it for you with our reviews and have narrowed down our top crossfit shoes to a short list for you to choose from…

Our Recommended CrossFit Shoes Right Now


Reebok Official CrossFit Shoes:

  • Reebok Crossfit Nano SeriesThese really need no introduction. The nano’s are well-known among the crossfitting community and are certainly one of the top options available. They are incredible, I absolutely love mine!
  • Reebok Crossfit LifterAwesome for the weight lifting portion of WODs.

Other Popular Shoes for CrossFit:

  • Inov-8Inov-8 Crossfit ShoesVery popular! Easily the #2 shoe being worn for crossfit after the Nano’s. The inov8 shoe line is undoubtedly one of the best for CF.
  • Nike FreeObviously Nike always makes great shoes for any sport so you are always in good hands with them.
  • New Balance MinimusYou don’t hear about the new balance shoe line nearly as much as you do the reebok nano, inov-8, nike, or some of the other popular sneakers for xfit but they are certainly among the best options available for crossfit training, running, and weightlifting.
  • Puma Bioweb Elite
  • Adidas PowerliftAdidas PowerliftGreat for pure lifting workouts.

We have also compiled several of the major brands of the “Best CrossFit Shoes” for you in our amazon online store (click the image below):

A great addition to the review from our very own box owner and coach…

I’ve Compared the Best Shoes For Crossfit Training and the Winner is Clear

The sheer number of Crossfit shoes available right now is staggering. With the enormous amount of options, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices.

Most of the major sporting brands have started pitching products to Crossfit enthusiasts and releasing new models regularly. And for the average person, it’s hard to cut through the buzzwords and figure out the benefits of using this footwear.

What I’m doing today is evaluating the best Crossfit shoes currently available so that you don’t have to wade through all the mediocre choices. Armed with this information, you won’t have to rely on the word of the staff at the sports store, or be confused by the latest fad in shoe technology. You’ll have the knowledge to choose the very best gear for yourself.

Sound good?

Of course, I don’t plan on giving you only my opinion like some experts tend to do. I want to help educate you on what goes into making a good pair. This will help you to pick the best training shoes for what you need right now and know what to look for in the future.

Take a few minutes now to understand the way Crossfit footwear is put together. Your feet will thank you. Let’s jump straight into it and look at what dedicated Crossfit shoes bring to your workouts.

Does Your Footwear Really Make That Big of a Difference To Performance?

After years of competing in sports at a high level, as well as doing just about every type of fitness program out there, and working in the field of podiatry; I know a thing or two about footwear and the mechanics of the human foot. I used to be heavily involved in running, but the impact of my marathon training was taking its toll. So, I decided to take up Crossfit instead to bring in greater variety to my training sessions and give my body a more overall workout.

When I first began Crossfit, I used my running sneakers, which I knew supported my feet well. But it didn’t take long before I realized CrossFit puts a whole new set of demands on your legs and feet. Thus my search began for the very best pair of Crossfit shoes.

Having the right gear makes a massive difference in any Crossfit workout. The range of exercises you do during a single training session is massive. In just one session at the gym, you can be lifting, squatting, climbing and jumping along with any number of additional movements.

Finding shoes that perform well in all these tasks is tough.

● Lifting – you need the ideal heel height and a firm sole, along with good grip on the sole of the shoe.
● Climbing – you need good grip on the sides of your shoe and material that stands up to friction.
● Jumping – you need a shoe that can help you absorb some of the impact.

The right footwear will help you do each type of exercise safer and with better technique. The wrong shoe can lead to poor performance across the board. Using gear without the correct level of support and control for Crossfit exercises is the fast track to injury!

So many people downplay the importance of using specially designed Crossfit shoes, but they are plain wrong.

If you look at the foot mechanics of a person with and without the correct footwear, it is very easy to see the difference. A regular person might not pay such careful attention, but for me it is my job.

Every week, I see people with injuries caused by poor shoe choice.

Now that we’ve determined how the right footwear can impact performance when working out, let’s review the Crossfit shoes currently available and see which ones are the best for your posture, stance, and workout.

Here are My Top Crossfit Shoes for Men and Women

Below, I am going to give you a brief overview of the major brands and explain my choice for the best footwear currently available:

#3 – Inov8 Crossfit Range

Inov8 is not so well known outside of fitness enthusiast circles and it certainly has not been around for as long as the big international brands. However, they have really brought quality that rivals the big boys and have come out with an effective Crossfit specific range of shoe.

I find Inov8 shoes to be best for exercises where you need to achieve rapid directional changes and multi-directional movements. The sole construction of the Inov-8 range is probably best suited to body weight exercises rather than as a weightlifting shoe.

Click here now to find out more about the Inov-8 Range

#2 – New Balance Minimus Range

New Balance has really done a great job with their latest range of training footwear. Although they are not the most popular brand, they’re a high value shoe for Crossfit.

The Minimus Range is perfectly designed for use with free weights and also functional training regimens. However, there have been a lot of reports of these shoes not working well for running more than short distances.

Click here to discover more about the New Balance Minimus Range

#1 – Reebok Crossfit Nano

It’s well-known that Reebok is quite obviously the brand most closely associated with Crossfit and it is for good reason – their shoes rock!

Reebok has put in a massive effort to make the Nano range of footwear the very best Crossfit all rounder currently on the market.

Although some gear may perform better in a specific category, I have found no better shoe for the full range of Crossfit exercises. The Nanos are very sturdy with great support for your feet and feature a sole with the right amount of give to make them useful in both weightlifting and running.

I have been using shoes from the Reebok Nano range for quite some time now and have not found anything that matches them. There are clear performance benefits between these and other popular products.

If you are ready to buy the best Crossfit shoes available, click here to explore the Reebok Nano series.

Ready to Take Your Workout Gear (And Your Performance) To The Next Level?

Like all specialist training gear, there is a price to pay to get the best. The great thing about Reebok and the Nano range is they have a shoe available for every budget. I appreciate how Reebok has made this line affordable for all people.

You can go for the top of the range Nano 7 Weave, which retails for up to $130, or you can opt for the regular Nano 7 (or even one of the earlier Nano lines) and still get a great shoe in the $60-$75 price range.

Although the top of the line Nano 7’s definitely perform better than older models, I stand by the quality of every shoe in the Nano range.

To get the very best deals on Reebok Nanos, or any Crossfit shoes, then avoid overpriced sports stores and cut out the overhead by purchasing online. Buying online will definitely get you the best prices and also offers a full choice of colors and sizes.

I have always had great success with online stores, especially Rogue, which has tons of options and great prices. They also have awesome customer service and are great if you ever need to make a return.

Ready to get some for yourself?

Click here to get a pair of dedicated Crossfit shoes and start working out right!


Ok, now that you have found the best pair of shoes for you, it’s time to get some crossfit supplements to help you do even better in your workouts and take your training to the next level!


  1. I recently got a pair of Reebok Nano 3.0 shoes after wearing the Inov-8 since I started crossfit a little more than a year ago. And I love them! They are much better than what I had before, even though I actually did like the Inov-8 too. There are some other people in my box who have also gotten the new Nano’s and everyone agrees they are great.

  2. I agree! You must get actual CrossFit shoes if you are a crossfitter. I thought it was all a marketing ploy and wouldn’t really matter. So for my first year of being in CF, I just wore regular running shoes. Then, I finally decided to get real crossfit shoes (Reebok Nano) and I couldn’t believe how much better they were for the workouts. The difference is clearly noticeable from day one. I will never do another WOD without official crossfit shoes ever again!

  3. What do you think about the Inov-8 range of Crossfit shoes? They seem to be all the rage now but I haven’t had a chance to try any of them yet.

  4. This is the best information and site for purchasing shoes for crossfit that I have found. Purchasing the nano 3 and lifter plus right now. Thanks!

  5. @Matt… Many of the athletes at our box wear Inov-8 shoes and they really like them. Personally I prefer the Reebok Nano line, but I don’t think you can really go wrong either way.

  6. After finding your site I finally got some real crossfit shoes and I am so glad I did. I can’t thank you enough. It is a major difference in my workouts. Oh and btw I got the inov8 f-lite. They are perfect.

  7. I finally got some authentic crossfit shoes after months and months of being the guy in the box with some old beat up running shoes I had for years. I agree with everyone above who says they are spectacular. Worth their weight in gold and then some!

  8. You’re right, you really don’t hear nearly as much about the new balance crossfit shoes or see many people wearing them at the box, but I absolutely love mine! I’ve tried both inov8 and nano in the past and they are great, but in my experience the new balance minimus are even better!

  9. I just got the nano 6 and they are awesome! I think they are the best crossfit shoes for women that I’ve ever seen. I would highly recommend them to all women. I’ve been doing crossfit since 2012 and have gone through a lot of shoes in that time. These are the best I’ve tried yet.

  10. I’ve been a crossfitter for more than a decade and have tried several different brands of shoes as well as various models of those shoes. I would say you can never go wrong with any of Reebok Nano Series. I had the original Nano one, the Nano 4, and recently got the Nano 7. I’ve loved them all and have very few, if any, complaints. I also really like the Inov-8 series. I’ve had two or three different pairs of those too (can’t recall the exact ones at the moment) and they are great. A lot of people in my box are also wearing the Nike Metcon CrossFit shoes now and they really like them, but I haven’t personally tried them yet. Anyway that’s my two cents on the subject. I definitely think getting shoes designed for crossfit like workouts are definitely worth investing in.

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