Performance Nutrition Plus = My Favorite Supplements Store

I have been taking supplements in one form or another on and off since I was a Sophomore in High School. That was in 1996, so yeah it’s been a while! Originally it was for improving at sports, then it was just to get bigger/stronger as a pure lifter and to look good for girls, and now I use them to help with crossfit and to actually get healthier.

Over the years, I’ve bought supplements from MANY different places – both online and offline. Sometimes from small local shops, sometimes from huge online marketplaces and popular websites, a few times from relatively unknown sites or stores, and just about everywhere else. However, I admittedly find myself getting them from the same old “big name” stores that most other people do. I’m really not sure why. I know they suck but I keep going back. Maybe it’s just a bad habit, or because they are convenient, or that they have their ads all over the place to keep themselves in all of our minds. Honestly, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I will NEVER buy from those places ever again. I truly mean that!

And the reason is simple…

I have FINALLY found what I believe to be the best supplements store I have ever come across. They are my new favorite and I won’t go anywhere else again. Their products are awesome, prices are right, service is amazing, and there’s no bullshit to wade through!

It’s the kind of place you want to tell your friends about, and recommend to the world. Yes, the type of place you will sit down and write a blog post about (like I am now) for no other reason than to just help support something you believe in. Somewhere you truly feel good about from the very beginning. The type of place you just don’t come across very often.

So, what is this supplement utopia I speak of?

It’s called “Performance Nutrition Plus” in Waukee, Iowa.

This is most definitely NOT one of those big, overhyped, overpriced, supplement chains that sells anything and everything to anybody who will buy it without thinking twice. You know the ones I am talking about. They don’t care about you, they just want your money. Trust me, I know, I’ve spent thousands of dollars at those places over the years (unfortunately).

The owner of Performance Nutrition Plus is sincere, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and isn’t just looking to squeeze every dollar he can out of his customers. When you meet him in person it is blatantly obvious from the minute you walk in. He’s a great guy!

I highly recommend PNP for all your supplement needs. Whether you are a crossfitter, bodybuilder, MMA fighter, athlete, trainer, or just someone looking for improved health and/or performance out of life.

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