Kill Cliff Recovery Drink

For those who do Crossfit – aka “crossfitters” – the muscle soreness and stiffness that is felt regularly as a result of pushing your body to the limit is all too familiar and having to deal with these symptoms for your workout the next day can be a pain in yet another muscle group. You need to recover fast and one of the best ways to do that is by supplementing your diet with recovery drinks.

The Kill Cliff Crossfit recovery drink can be very helpful in preventing or minimizing the soreness while speeding up recovery for the next WOD. It can also be used as both a pre-workout or intra-workout, and post-workout recovery drink without leaving you too edgy. Kill Cliff is great for reducing the delayed onset muscle soreness and stiffness experienced after a brutal CrossFit WOD. Not only is it functional at doing what it promises, it also tastes great, so you can enjoy drinking it rather than gulping it down as fast as you can hoping you don’t gag.

Kill Cliff CrossFit Recovery Drink

In Kill Cliff, you are getting a recovery sports beverage with:

  • Natural ingredients for replenishing micro-nutrients.
  • Essential vitamins, electrolytes and enzymes.
  • No sugar. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors.
  • Gluten free.

Furthermore, the ingredients that make up this drink can basically be categorized into four groups:

1) Anti-inflammatory
2) Circulatory health
3) Stress relief
4) Digestive help

The anti-inflammatory components include ginger extract, bromelain and milk thistle. Ginger has a myriad of health benefits and is great for reducing exercise-related muscle aches and pain while milk thistle is an excellent antioxidant fighting clotting, stiffening of fibers and hardening. The agents that are good for your circulatory health include caffeine, green tea extract and Inositol. Green tea removes free radicals in the body, caffeine increases blood flow by causing the blood vessels to dilate and Inositol strengthens the circulatory system. Serrazimes, amylase, invertase, protease 4.5, beta-glucanase, lipase and glucuronolactone fall under the digestive help category while ginseng root powder and taurine fall under the stress relief category reducing psychological stress and preventing oxidative stress respectively.

Kill Cliff recovery drink for CrossFit athletes contains no sugar, artificial colors or flavors and is only lightly carbonated but still remains delicious. It comes in three flavors: Tasty with a blood orange flavor although when it is cut with water the taste is more dry ginger-ale, Double Awesomeness with a pomegranate watermelon flavor and force field with a lemon-lime flavor thereby effectively catering to the ranges of taste buds for you crossfitters out there. The drink only contains 15 calories and a measly 3 grams of carbs which if you are working as hard as you should be as a crossfitter should not worry you. It complements carb recovery products and macro-nutrient based protein.

The company that makes Kill Cliff Crossfit recovery drink was founded by a former Navy Seal, Todd Ehrlich after finding the caffeine filled drinks he used post workouts ineffective. The idea to combine premium functional ingredients for a recovery drink was born.

The name, however creative as it is, send shivers down the spine, especially in association with a Navy Seal, but it is catchy as hell. This drink has no negative side effects to speak of – unlike many energy drinks.

Crossfit requires that you work your body to the very core and often leaves you with muscles aching that you didn’t even know you had, but with the right drink in your bottle the aftermath becomes far less torturous. If you want a product that helps you recover faster, makes you feel better and helps you relax after an intense workout, then Kill Cliff is the drink of choice for you!

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  1. I love kill cliff and so does my boyfriend! We drink it after every crossfit workout and it definitely helps you recover for the next WOD. He has been taking supplements for years and he swears by it. I don’t know nearly as much about recovery drinks and all that sort of stuff, but I have been doing crossfit for a long time and this stuff works! I can tell a big difference between when I drink it after training and when I don’t.

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