Is CrossFit for Me?

Trust me, if you are even asking yourself this question, then CrossFit is for you! We are a community of people who love our bodies, push ourselves to be healthy, strong, and happy… and you will be too.

I know you believe in this for yourself too. We all, to our core, want to be better people. We do this many different ways and crossfit exercises will literally help you be happier, healthier, stronger, and more confident in your daily life. The emotional strength that builds up inside is truly addicting and extremely empowering.

When I decided to join crossfit, I was nervous. I didn’t know if I could even do the workouts without looking like a total wuss bag… Thankfully I had an older, fatter, more out of shape friend convince me that if he could do it, I could too. Well, I couldn’t let him show me up with his CF training, so I had to try it.

Unfortunately, I had the wrong mindset the whole time. Crossfit culture is not me against you, it’s me against me. I noticed this really cool mindset the minute I stepped into the gym. A big red sign above the front desk said, “leave your ego at the door!” Take this advice and remember… Crossfit workouts are magical (yet brutal) and you will cherish them.

And one of the best things about it is the comradery, friendships, and sense of community you get from it. We are in this together. There’s a bond that forms between people who are going through hell and back together every day. Some of my closest friends have come from my crossfit box. The other members almost feel like a 2nd family to me now.

This video sums it up very well:

Anyway, I can sit here all day and talk about all the benefits and how it will make you feel amazing, or you can do both of us a favor and just try it for yourself!


  1. I think CrossFit is for everyone!

    If you say “this is nothing for me” it is just an excuse. Fitness is Health (in my opinion) and health is needed by everyone, and so is crossfit too. Not everyone needs to push himself/herself to the absolute limit like rich froning, 5 times a day, but it is possible for everyone to keep fit by doing cf at least twice a week.

    This is just my opinion, and I am open to hear others and accept them.
    What do you think?

  2. I agree, I think CF is awesome and can be done by almost anyone. It is the perfect way to get in shape and stay in shape without any silly gimmicks or short term tricks.

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